100% Natural Briquettes Charcoal, No Smoke, No Sparks.
Briquettes Charcoal Manufacturer and Exporter, Barbecue and Shisha Grade.

Charcoal Briquettes for Barbecue
Our Briquettes Charcoal for Barbecue is made using mangrove charcoal powder as the main ingredient.

There are three grades of Briquettes Charcoal:

A Grade – Mangrove Charcoal Powder 30% + 70% Coconut Charcoal.
B Grade – Mangrove Charcoal Powder 50% + 50% Coconut Charcoal
C Grade – Mangrove Charcoal Powder 70% + 30% Coconut Charcoal.

Our briquettes charcoal are exported mainly to the Japanese market, followed by Korea and to the Gulf Region.

Export Packaging : Cartons Boxes 3kg – 15kg, Bags 4kg -15kg.

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