Cricket Lighters

Accept worm greetings from the ZUNLIAM M.N TRADING CO. Cricket was the first brand in the world to launch a disposable lighter. It is a success story that started more than 50 years ago in 1961, when the first Cricket lighter was introduced on the market. Heat Resistance is a technical term that is used to state that a product can resist predefined temperatures without losing the intrinsic functionality. For lighters these temperature levels are given in standards like ISO9994 where specific temperature tests are defined. Cricket lighters comply with this standard.

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We supply the following Cricket lighters:

Original, Electronic, Pocket, Mini and Utility Cricket Lighter

Our Cricket lighters:

1.Smooth & bright without trace of scratch or shrunken signs.

2.Leakage rate is less than 0.5%

3.Ignite successfully with ensure igniting rate of 98% up

4.Fashion design and also you can choose your own design.

5.Transparent,semi-transparent,solid in optional colors

6.Surface finish:Logo printing, paiting, with ruber, Heat-Shrink up with beautiful pictures, sticker with pictures or warning symble.

7.Brand is optional by you,display boxes and master cartons can be produced as your design.



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